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Natural Ways to Boost Your Mood

Are you someone who is struggling with a depressed mood? Depression and feeling down is something that we all, as humans, experience at least once in our lifetime. Feeling depressed or down in mood can be caused by short-term stressors, unforeseen circumstances, and life changes. Some of us can also experience longer-term or even chronic depressed moods that require us to consistently work on supporting our mood.

There are many ways we can support our mood and even boost our mood naturally. Below are some quick and simple strategies that you can do from wherever you are today no matter what is causing your mood to be depressed.

  1. Get outside: Being outside has been shown to have many mood-boosting benefits, from the calming sounds you hear to the beautiful landscape and views you can see, and the warmth of the sun you can feel. Take time to get outside today to decrease feelings of depression.
  2. Engage in a hobby/activity that you enjoy: Doing things you love and enjoy has amazing benefits for your mood and mindset. If you enjoy reading a book, going hiking, baking a cake, watching a funny show, or going out with friends, I encourage you to make time to do at least one thing that is fun and enjoyable today.
  3. Self-reflect, give yourself a compliment, and focus on your strengths: When we feel depressed or anxious, our mindset and self-talk are often less positive and encouraging. Consider taking a few minutes to reflect and identify things you have done well today, wins you experienced this week, or to point out one or two things you like about yourself today. Getting a compliment always feels good.
  4. Spend time with uplifting people: We are social creatures and that means we thrive when we have social connections. Spending time with uplifting and supportive people can be a huge mood boost and benefit for our well-being. Whether it’s going on a walk with a friend, making dinner with your partner, or laughing with your kids, spending time with uplifting people can be a simple and effective way to decrease feelings of sadness and depression.
  5. Decrease time on social media: Social media can be a great outlet and space to connect with others. That being said, it can also be a trigger of comparisons, lack of confidence, depression, and worry. Take a few minutes and reflect on how you feel after you spend time scrolling or engaging with others on social media. If you don’t feel positive or happy, intentionally not being on social media today could be really beneficial for your mood.
  6. Spend time with pets/animals: There is a reason we have things like animal-assisted therapy and equine therapy. Pets and animals have been shown to have significant benefits in improving mood and life satisfaction. Animals are also nonjudgmental, anxiously awaiting your attention, and loving creatures. Consider taking your dog on a walk, visiting/volunteering at a local animal rescue/shelter, or spending time with your animals outside.
  7. Enjoyable body movement: Engaging in joyful body movement can have incredible benefits in decreasing feelings of sadness, improving mood, and creating a more positive mindset. When we move our bodies, our brain releases chemicals that create positive feelings for us. Try going on a walk, taking a yoga class, or riding your bike.

No matter where your mood is at today, it can always feel boosted by doing one of the simple steps above. I encourage you to intentionally take time to do something that will naturally boost your mood and mindset today. You deserve it.

If you feel you are needing more support with addressing depressed or anxious moods, counseling and speaking to a licensed therapist is another natural mood-boosting strategy. Reach out to Psychotherapy for Women today to learn more about how we can support you in your efforts to improve your mood.