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Reduce Feeling Overwhelmed With This One Thing

Are you finding yourself feeling completely overwhelmed with all that you have going on in life? If so, you are not alone. Feeling overwhelmed is very common in today’s world, and we believe that lifting some of that stress is important to your overall health and mental well-being. As women, we are often the head of the household and in charge of so much on a daily basis. Whether it’s working a full-time job, commuting, going to school, cooking, cleaning, raising babies, managing finances, running errands, or managing school schedules and activities, the list often can feel endless. The good news is that you do not have to live with this feeling of overwhelm, and we are here to help you start reducing that stress today.

There are a number of ways that we can start feeling less overwhelmed or stressed, but if there is one thing you are able to start doing today, we hope it’s this:

Stop trying to do it all.

Just because it all feels like it needs to be done doesn’t mean it all has to be done today and by you alone. So often we see that women are placing an unnecessary amount of pressure on themselves to get everything done when in reality, some things can and should just wait. While everything on your to-do list might not be able to wait, if we are honest with ourselves, we often start to see that a need is different than a want. You may need to pick your kids up from school or go to the grocery store today, and that is completely understandable. However, you may also feel you need to reorganize your closet, make a meal from scratch, and run 35,730,954 additional errands as well. Sometimes our needs have more priority and importance over others.

If we start looking at things from a need versus want-to-do perspective, we can start prioritizing our tasks and where to focus our attention. When we prioritize our tasks and stop trying to do it all, we can actually get more accomplished. Let go of the pressure that comes with knocking out everything on your to-do list and start feeling less overwhelmed.

Sometimes, we may also feel that there’s too much to do and not enough time because we are unwilling to ask for help. Feeling less overwhelmed may also look like accepting that we do not need to do it all ourselves and become more willing to ask for help. Do you need to be the one to do that household chore, or could delegate it to your partner or child? Do you need to volunteer your entire day to help a friend, or could several friends pitch in so you only stay a few hours? Do you need to be the one that always takes the dog to the vet, runs that errand, cooks, and cleans? Or could someone else in the household pitch in more often?

While the tasks of “to-do’s” might seem never-ending, we have to draw the line somewhere. Some things are not going to get done today and that is okay. And some things might not need to be done by us and us alone, and that’s quite alright too. Whatever your to-do list looks like, consider giving yourself some grace by not trying to do it all and only doing what needs to get done.

If you feel you are needing more support, we encourage you to ask for help from your support network. If this is difficult for you to do or you feel you don’t have support to help you, please reach out to us today to start discussing how we can support you in feeling less overwhelmed.