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Lonely woman near window thinking about something

To the Woman in Waiting, I See You

To the woman in waiting, I see you, and I see your pain. I see you watching other people you know get the things you’re longing for. I see you struggle to be happy when you find out a close friend or family member is celebrating the very thing you’ve been begging for. I see you worrying that those things you want will never come your way. I see you struggling with the fact that it’s all outside of your control.

Maybe it’s the right person or maybe for you it’s a yearning for a better relationship. Maybe it’s the wedding you’ve dreamed of for so long or the nice house you’d love to have. Maybe it’s a promotion, a baby, another baby, or less stressful days. No matter where you’re stuck in waiting, I see you.

It may feel like the thing you’re waiting for will never come. It might even feel frustrating to see other people celebrating the fact that they have exactly what you’re losing sleep over. Why do we want things so much that it actually hurts? How do we live with the void we’re feeling because of this missing thing we want so desperately?

Wouldn’t it be nice to snap our fingers or go to bed and wake up the next morning with exactly what we wanted? Just like that, our dreams would come true. But it doesn’t work that way. It’s not supposed to. And so, the journey remains brutal.

But you are strong. Yes, you, the woman in waiting. You are stronger than you know because it takes strength to be in the waiting. It takes persistence and determination to stay in waiting and not give up. It’s actually easier to throw in the towel and say “I’m done.” To abandon hopes and dreams because the times are tough, and you think it will all be easier if you just stopped wanting the very thing you feel you can’t live without. But it won’t. Your heart wants what it wants.

So to the women in waiting, I see you. I see you struggling to smile for others. I see you worried and feeling defeated. I feel your loneliness. But you’re not alone.

If you feel the waiting is challenging you in more ways than you can deal with, or would just like to have support during this time, Psychotherapy for Women, LLC is here to help. Reach out today for a free telephone consultation to explore how we can support you in your waiting journey.