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Holistic Health

Practicing from a holistic framework is an important tool we utilize to create a comprehensive and individualized approach to meeting your specific needs. There are many benefits to incorporating holistic practices into therapy that we find give women the best possible treatment outcomes. We also find that teaching women how to live more holistically increases their ability to make lasting sustainable change. There are many ways one can begin addressing their health and healing from a holistic framework. 

We Help Women Utilize Holistic Practices Through:

  • Positive self-talk and encouragement
  • Learning mindfulness practices and meditation
  • Uncovering and overcoming mental barriers to change
  • Processing unresolved conflict/trauma
  • Incorporating more joyful movement
  • Education on the impact of food, substances, and chemicals to the body and mind
  • Helping educate and assist women in utilizing healthy coping strategies
  • Enhancing social connection and support
  • Learning how to get better, more restful sleep
  • Time management and boundary setting techniques to improve concentration
  • Receiving therapeutic properties from nature and natural surroundings
  • Improving self-esteem through compassion and self-talk
  • Addressing relationship stress through healthy communication

Successful Healing

We understand that you may want to heal naturally, without medications or long-term treatment protocols. We have successfully helped women heal through holistic practices who struggle with:

  • Anxiety and its symptoms
  • Depression and its symptoms
  • Substance Use/Abuse/Dependency
  • Low self-esteem
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Poor time management
  • Post-partum mood disorders
  • Trouble sleeping and lack of energy

Emphasis on helping women take better care of themselves ​

This is done by talking. I treat each person as just that: an individual person. We work to get your mental health to a solid place where you can focus on you.