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Online & Telehealth Therapy

Traditionally, therapy has been held in person, face-to-face with a provider. However, with the advancement of technology and HIPAA compliant software, telehealth has become a popular and heavily relied upon platform for individuals seeking support. Here at Psychotherapy for Women, appointments conducted via telehealth are provided through a HIPPA compliant and secured electronic health record platform free of cost to you. It offers the privacy you would expect at an in-person visit, just from the comfort of your environment.

There are many advantages to using telehealth/telemedicine platforms to connect you to your provider. Virtual appointments allow the convenience and flexibility many people need to ensure they are able to engage in supportive treatment despite their busy schedules. Telehealth offers individuals the convenience of having their appointments where they feel most comfortable and often times with less barriers. This can eliminate additional challenges that sometimes cause us to struggle making it to appointments because of bad weather, traffic, taking hours off of work to get to your appointment and back, and in some instances, aligning childcare. It also has the benefit of increasing your access to support because you can connect with a therapist wherever you are. This convenience can be especially great for individuals who can’t take time off work, have limited childcare, live in more rural settings, or have busy schedules with limited free time.

With virtual appointments, you can expect to see your therapist from their office on your electronic device. You can use a phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop to complete your sessions, as long as your device has a camera and microphone included within it.

If you have never engaged in online support before, I encourage you to give it a try. I find overall individuals feel it is easy to navigate, less stressful to schedule, and a benefit when trying to stay engaged in treatment while having a demanding schedule.