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Feeling Anxious About Current Events? You’re Not Alone

Life is stressful, that we all know. Current events like war, school shootings, a pandemic, laws governing women’s rights, and elections (to name a few) only add to that stress. Are you feeling anxious, worried, or maybe even sad, because of what you’re hearing or reading about in the news and on social media outlets? If so, you’re not alone.

It can be important and helpful for us to stay informed about current events and things going on in our community, our country, and even the world. That being said, is there such a thing as being too informed? If you are spending lots of time in your day watching the news, reading about current events on social media, and/or listening to podcasts about these topics, you may be taking in a larger amount of information than is necessary.

Being informed and up-to-date on current events does not require your every moment, and there can be negatives to information overload. In fact, overconsumption of negative and/or fear-provoking information can create more feelings of anxiousness, panic, uncontrollable worry, difficulty sleeping, intrusive thoughts, and greater feelings of depression.

So how do we cope with these stressors when the news and social media outlets are continuously posting new headlines? Here are some healthy strategies to help you take care of yourself during this time:

  1. Limit your time spent on social media
  2. Only get your news updates from 1-2 reliable sources
  3. Spend time away from your phone/tv daily
  4. Don’t get on your phone or turn on the TV as soon as you wake up
  5. Intentionally talk about other topics and things that interest you
  6. Engage in activities/hobbies that help you feel relaxed/calm/happy
  7. Do not try to convince others to change their beliefs/agree with you
  8. Write/journal about how you’re feeling
  9. Engage in advocacy for policy change
  10. Allow yourself to feel all of your emotions

At times, despite our best efforts, we can still feel incredibly anxious and overwhelmed. If you feel this resonates with what you are currently experiencing, talking to a licensed therapist can also be helpful. Psychotherapy for Women, LLC is currently helping support women just like you. Reach out today for a free telephone consultation to talk more about how to gain more support in your life to help you manage these stressors.