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Sad woman sitting down and looking out window

Is Therapy Right for Me?

Life can quickly become overwhelming, and not feeling like yourself makes that period of time even more stressful. You may be asking yourself if therapy is right for you. If you are struggling to cope with stress, wanting a new perspective on something, feeling alone, or that no one understands, or just wanting a safe space to talk about things, seeking help from a trained therapist can be really life changing.

If you’re still struggling to answer this question, ask yourself, what would happen in your life if you didn’t seek help? Are things going to stay the same or get worse? Are your feelings going to go away on their own? Are the people in your life going to stop worrying about you? While we hope that stress goes away quickly and we get back to feeling happy and enjoying life, it’s not necessarily that simple. If it was, I’d imagine you wouldn’t be reading this, or asking yourself if it’s time to go to therapy.

So, is therapy right for you? My answer is, therapy is right for anyone and everyone who wants more support in their life. No matter how big or small you may think your problems are, therapy can help. Therapy can help you learn how to cope with stress, better understand how you’re feeling and what’s causing you to feel discomfort, and teach you ways to focus inward to get back to feeling more like the you that you want to be. If you’ve made it this far into the blog entry, I think you know the answer to the question.