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Mental Load of Motherhood

The Mental Load of Motherhood

Are you a mom who is struggling with the mental load of everything you have to do and remember? Does it feel like you have a million tabs open in your mind at once? People often talk about motherhood in terms of the selflessness, the lack of sleep, and the love that comes for your child(ren). But what about the mental load of it all?

Most mothers are currently multi-tasking and trying to remember to do so many things. That could look like: keeping track of the finances, managing a grocery list, remembering to run errands, scheduling play dates or family gatherings, remembering to do the laundry, working to earn money for their family, the list just keeps going. How do mothers do it all?

The reality of the never ending to do list combined with the responsibility of nurturing and raising children leaves women often feeling mentally exhausted, easily overwhelmed, increasingly irritable, and stressed. If you are feeling this way, it’s likely your mental load is too heavy.

To decrease the mental load you are carrying, here are some helpful tools:

  1. Make a list on paper of everything you’re doing today or trying to remember to do and get organized
  2. Prioritize tasks and focus your energy on the most important things that NEED to be done first
  3. Ask for help with things on your task list that others in your household could do for you
  4. Add time for yourself in your day to do something not stressful- reading, going for a walk, going to bed early, etc.
  5. Stop trying to do it all and set realistic expectations of what you actually have time to accomplish today
  6. Take advantage of modern conveniences, such as grocery delivery or pick-up and online shopping
  7. Hire help where you’re able, such as a landscaper to mow the grass or a cleaning company to help clean your home 1-2x a month
  8. Say “yes” when people offer to help you
  9. Say “no” to things that do not deserve your time/attention or that you just don’t want to do
  10. Minimize social media use if you find you’re mindless scrolling or it is causing you to procrastinate

Still needing more help managing the overwhelm and mental load of motherhood? Reach out to us today to discuss how therapy may be beneficial for you!