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Why Do I Constantly Feel Anxious?

Are you someone who constantly feels anxious, on edge, or worried? Does it feel like it’s hard to relax or shut your mind off? If so, it’s likely you’re in a constant state of stress, overwhelm, and worry. These feelings can be EXHAUSTING to say the least. Thankfully, there are ways to cope and feel less anxious.

There are many things that can increase one’s stress level or cause worry. Think for a minute about all the things that are currently on your mind or weighing heavy in your heart. Write them down and get them out onto paper. Next, think about what are the most pressing or important things on your list and identify them.

If you find yourself in a continual state of overwhelm or anxiety, it can be hard to decipher real threats and worries from unnecessary stress. When you are in a heightened state of stress, you can actually begin to perceive everything you encounter as stress or something to worry about. When that happens, you’re more likely to interrupt things as anxiety provoking and turn on your body’s stress response. This is where making your list comes in handy! Once you start to organize your thoughts, it can be easier to understand them and focus on what’s most important. This also allows you to identify what you don’t want or need to stress about and stop from turning your stress responses on when you encounter them.

Other things to consider that may be keeping you in a heightened state of anxiety:

  1. Lack of healthy coping tools to manage anxiety
  2. Minimal or no positive support
  3. Trying to accomplish or juggle too many things at once
  4. Not having enough help with day-to-day tasks
  5. Experiencing ongoing stressors that last for days or weeks
  6. History of trauma
  7. Negative/intrusive thoughts

If you are experiencing any of the above stressors, it may be helpful to reach out and seek support. Ongoing stressors, lack of adequate coping skills, and unaddressed trauma can all increase anxiety and keep your mind and your body in a heightened state of stress. Want to learn more about how to begin reducing your anxiety? Reach out to us today to discuss how therapy may be helpful for you.