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Miscarriage and Infant Loss Grief Support

One of the most challenging and under discussed stressors of parenting is when we don’t get to have the relationship we envisioned with our child(ren). Miscarriage, stillbirth, sudden infant death, and infant/child loss is something no parent ever wants to experience. Regardless of how far along you are in your pregnancy or post-partum journey, losing your child can feel unbearable.

Psychotherapy for Women knows and understands that this is a sensitive and heart-breaking conversation to have with anyone. This is why I am are here to offer compassionate support in a safe environment for you to process your grief at your own pace. No two losses are alike, and I understand that everyone’s processing of grieving looks different, as it should. There is no “right” way to grieve or miss your child.

I also understand that losing a child at any stage causes us to stop and also grieve the life we thought we would have with them, This means grieving the loss of being able to watch them grow up, witness hardships and triumphs, celebrate milestones, and be a part of the many different phases of our lives.

Child Loss Can Cause:

Miscarriage, making the decision to terminate a pregnancy for personal or health reasons, having a stillbirth, and losing an infant at any age is traumatic and life altering. It is very common to experience severe mental health symptoms and physical changes during this time that can feel hard to cope with. This traumatic experience can cause:

    • Lack of interest or pleasure in doing things
    • Feelings of sadness, depression, and hopelessness
    • Increased worry, anxiousness, and feeling on edge
    • Trouble concentrating and focusing
    • Difficulty getting out of bed and/or sleep habit changes
    • Feeling uncomfortable in your body after loss
    • Fear of becoming pregnant again
    • Being preoccupied in negative thoughts and worrying about things that have not yet happened
    • Thoughts of wishing you were no longer alive and how you might harm yourself
    • Increase alcohol and drug use to help cope
    • Loss of connection to other children in the home
    • Feeling guilty/blaming self for loss
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If you are struggling in this grieving process, you are not alone. It has been shown that seeking support to help you process and cope with grief and loss has significant benefits and can ease the grieving process. Women who seek support to help them cope with a grief can expect:

  • A safe and supportive space to talk about and process their loss
  • Education on healthy coping tools
  • Assistance identifying ways to honor or remember your child
  • Self-care education to ensure you are meeting your needs during this time
  • Education on communication skills to help you communicate her needs and feelings to others in your life
  • A supportive place to acknowledge all feelings, no matter how uncomfortable, because there is no “right way” to feel or grieve
  • Connection to positive support and other resources as needed

Psychotherapy for Women is here to walk along side you in your grief and ensure you are not alone in this. With support, moving through grief and learning how to live life after a loss is possible.

Are you going through a period of grief due to loss and struggling to show up in your life, do things you previously enjoyed, or cope with your emotions? If so, therapy can be a great place to turn to during this time in your life. I have helped many women process feelings of grief due to loss and seen a positive impact on having support in your corner during this time. Benefits of seeking support include:

  • Feeling less alone or isolated in grief
  • Understanding how you’re currently coping with loss, the difference between healthy and unhealthy coping tools, and how to effectively cope
  • Reduction in symptoms and/or severity of symptoms
  • Feeling you have a safe space to talk about how you’re feeling and honor/remember your child

Find The Support Your Need When You Need It

When we as women experience the loss of a child at any stage, life can feel like it has stopped for us, while everyone else moves on. While there is no way to get rid of or eliminate grief, having support and talking about what you’re experiencing can truly make all the difference and reduce feeling alone in your grieving.