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Setting Healthy Boundaries

Having healthy boundaries, and the confidence in ourselves to set them, is imperative to having supportive and respectful connection in our lives. It is also important that we as women feel confident in ourselves to maintain boundaries if another is not understanding of our boundaries or unwilling to respect them.

Do you feel it is challenging to set healthy boundaries in one or more of your relationships? Perhaps you’ve already identified that you have poor boundaries with another individual in your support network, and want support in improving this relationship. Regardless of what we are seeking help for, learning how to identify, set, and reinforce healthy boundaries is essential to navigating relationships.

To help women set healthy boundaries, we focus on the following:

  • Education on healthy versus unhealthy boundaries and types of boundaries within relationships
  • Helping women identify their boundaries
  • Assisting you in learning assertive language to help you communicate your boundaries
  • Encouraging women to verbalize and set healthy boundaries
  • Improving your confidence in your ability to set and maintain boundaries
  • Assisting moms in identifying their limits
  • Educating you on how to say “no” when needed

By focusing on the above objectives, we have successfully helped many women learn to set healthy boundaries.

Woman walking away from an unhealthy relationship

Additional benefits of having boundary setting skills are:

  • Improved confidence and self-esteem
  • Decreased feelings of guilt/shame
  • Improved relationships and more meaningful connection
  • More assertive communication habits
  • Increased social support
  • Decreased use of unhealthy communication language
  • Saying “no” when needed
  • Decreased anxiety regarding social situations
  • Improved mood, self-talk, and happiness
  • Decrease involvement in unhealthy relationships

Emphasis on helping women take better care of themselves ​

This is done by talking. I treat each person as just that: an individual person. We work to get your mental health to a solid place where you can focus on you.